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The 10-year Journey and the iPhone X
Its been 10 years, since the original iPhone rocked the entire world and it’s only fitting for iPhone X to debut this year, again redefining the way we use phones.
My Journey with ARR

"An artist paints his masterpiece on blank canvas and a musician paints his on silence" - An amazing quote which I recently read and soo very true. Music is the most...

My Star Wars Journey
My family always enjoyed a good movie or two and as a kid, I simply loved going to the cinemas with them. I used to love the ambiance, the excitement, the smell of popcorn and...
Watch OS2 and the Updates
Its almost been 4 months since I had the Apple Watch and I am pretty much used to the interface and wear it on a daily basis! It sure did turn quite a few heads, but mostly, I...
The Canonical Tag
Duplicate content is an issue when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If a single webpage can be accessed/indexed in several ways, then most of the search engines...
Payment Gateways
Online retailers who wish to sell products online must be integrated with Payment Gateway Service Providers in order to accept cards, authorise them and finally deduct the...
Asynchronous ways...
Gone are the days when users had to fill in forms and then click the submit button in order to send requests or get information out.
AJAX cleverly uses Javascript to...
Cool Useful Tricks on the Apple Watch
Same as the iPhone, pressing the digital crown and the contacts button will take a screenshot of the watch face which gets automatically stored on the camera roll on the iPhone
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